Just got this for Christmas. Best present ever!


I’m sorry, what? Someone clearly thought they could lie their way outta this one…

Kellogg’s vice president of nutrition Lisa Sutherland told NPR that Honey Smacks are not marketed to kids and are “seldom eaten by them.”

Not marketed to kids? That would explain Dig’Em, the cereal’s cartoon frog mascot with the funky sideways baseball cap.

No, wait. The opposite.

(via Infographic of the Day – The Daily What)

Paper Writing Setup

Fig. 1: Many, many highlighted documents open at once, as if I can read more than one thing at a time. 

Fig. 2: Discarded cans of diet coke and an empty tea mug. Rather than reuse this mug, invevitably I will get a new one each time I decide I want a refill. 

Fig. 3: Tea-bag disposed of by placing on a coaster. Stay classy. 

Fig. 4: Soothing candle (does not help stay soothed). 

Fig. 5: Reading glasses, removed to take picture. 

Fig. 6: Notebook full of incomprehensible scribbles which I am attempting to turn into a paper.*

[Not pictured: Angsty, emo or indie music playing on the stereo; 15 Herseys Kisses wrappers hiding behind the computer screen.]

*Note that sometimes I can’t even read my own handwriting.