Snowman Cross Section (by lunchbreath) (via laughingsquid)


I’m sure you’ve seen this [shit girls say] by now. (If not, please watch it.) Cami and I watched it a dozen or so times before we went out for sushi on Saturday night, and everything that came out of our mouths sounded exactly like that actor. At one point Cami sat there gazing off at the chefs behind the counter, and while twisting her hair she said, “Sushi is so pretty!”

I have said nothing but that ever since.

Digital New Year’s Resolutions

For part of my (digital) New Year’s Resolutions this year, I decided to delete my accounts on social media services that I don’t use. (Although I would love to cut Facebook, that’s probably not going to happen.) I love trying out new social media goodies, but it’s impossible for me to keep up with all of them. So over the course of the year I am going to try and use the services I belong to, and if I don’t, they’re getting cut. 

First on the list and certainly, definitely cut, is dailybooth, which I never use, find sort of narcissistic, and is pretty much just full of teenage cam whores and amateur porn (although really, what else would you expect). The rest of the list is, so far:

  1. dailybooth
  2. flickr
  3. picplz
  4. foursquare
  5. posterous
  7. google+
  8. readernaut
  9. goodreads
  10. linkedin